Special Issue: NCETERM-2017, Organized by GMIT, Karnataka, India.

S.No. Paper Title Authors Download Link
01 An Investigation on Wear Behavior of Graphite Reinforced Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites Saleemsab Doddamani,
Mohamed Kaleemulla,
Yasmin Begum and
Anand K J
02 Experimental Investigation of Jute & E-Glass Fiber Reinforced Hybrid Composites for Free vibration Ashwini P,
SureshBabu S U and
Manjunath G B
03 Solar Coronal Rotation Determined by X-ray Bright Points Observed from Hinode/XRT Space Mission Samiksha Reddy B N,
Preethi Shanmugam and
Kariyappa Rangaiah
04 Smart Agriculture System Using Solar Naveen C,
Hamsa C B and
Pooja Malagi
05 Production of Methyl Ester from Mixed Oil (Dairy Waste Scum & Karanja Oil) Omkaresh B R,
Yatish K. V. and
R. Suresh
06 Feasibility Analysis on Diesel Tank of Truck Vehicles Bhanu Prakash M J and
Jayashankar N
07 Design and Analysis of Front Sheet of a Bajaj Auto Rickshaw using FEA Abhishek and
Rishi J P
08 An Enhanced DCT Architecture for Power reduction in HEVC Sowmya. S. Yeli,
Ramya. G. R and
Sandeep. G. S
09 Transesterification of Butea Monosperma Oil: An Optimization Study Arun S.B.,
R. Suresh,
K.V.Yatish and
Abhishek N.M.
10 Analytical Model to Predict Cutting Forces in Indexable Drilling Darshankumar B V
and Sunil B
11 Design and Analysis of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger with Different Baffle Inclination for Different Flow Rates for Segmental Baffle Cutout Horizontally and Vertically Using CFD Jambana Gouda M and
Dr Kishan Naik
12 Biodiesel Production from Waste Cooking Oil Basavaraj Pujar,
Dhareppa Siddapur,
Basavaraj Talagadi,
G Sujaykumar and
Sushilendra Mutalikdesai
13 Study of Physical Properties of Cashew Nut Shell Oil Bio Diesel Blends Vinayak Baddi,
P V Santosha,
G Sujaykumar and
R Ravikumar
14 Numerical Analysis of Airflow and Temperature Distribution in a Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse Shivayogi Swamy K M,
Praveen Kumar M and
Santosh Kumar K J
15 Performance Analysis of a Single Stage Pulse Tube Cryocooler using an Adiabatic Model Preethi M.V,
Arun Kumar K. N,
Kasthurirengan S and
Vasudevan K
16 Theoretical and Experimental Studies on a Two Stagepulse Tube Refrigerator Thejaswini M N,
Chandhan V,
Kasthurirengan S and
Vasudevan K
17 Managing Slow-moving Repairable Parts A Simulation Model Armando Cespedes Mota,
Mrutyanjaya Gouda and
Dinesh Shenoy
18 Preparation of Electroless Deposition and Characterization of Ni-P coated Graphite Particles Syed Ahmed